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Alpaca Farm Store

Alpaca Farm Store

Alpaca fleece is lustrous, silky and extraordinarily soft. You will be amazed to feel the fleece on or off the alpacas. It is warmer than sheep's wool, but not prickly. It contains no lanolin, making it hypo allergenic. Many people who are allergic to sheep's wool do not experience any problems with alpaca fleece. Alpacas comes in more natural colors than any other fiber-producing animal. A wide variety of natural and soft luxury products are made from alpaca. Come visit our farm and yarn store to see alpacas in Totally Exquisiteperson and to buy fabulous and rare, but useful gifts for yourself, friends and family made from alpaca wool. We offer handmade alpaca products including alpaca hats, alpaca gloves, alpaca socks, alpaca scarves, and alpaca sweaters.


Alpaca Products
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Siti Slicker Suri Alpacas
Jacqueline Cristini
98 Frankenfield Road, Ottsville, PA 18942
(917) 376-3233


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